Comprehensive digital driver risk management

Mentor by eDriving의 미션은 운전자의 위험한 행동을 식별하고 동시에 안전한 운전 습관을 위해
운전 점수 책정, 이러닝을 통한 코칭으로 교정 작업을 수행하여 안전하게 귀가할 수 있도록 합니다.
Crash Free Culture
  • Safety culture through leadership engagement
  • Analytics and lnsight - DriverINDEX
  • eLearning and behavioural change-RoadRISK & RiskCOACH
  • Easy adoption telematics application
  • FICO safe driving score
  • Embedded e-learning
  • Gamified circles
  • Bosch Emergency Response
  • Mentor insight-no telematics
Virtual Risk Manager
  • Actionable insights for client and insurer
  • Helps indentify high risk drivers
  • Gives view of portfolio risk
  • Collates insights from multiple data sources
  • 해외 주요 고객사
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